Monday, December 19, 2011

Selling of Used Military Body Armor

Men and women alike who serve or work in the military or Army, security forces and police always have this in mind – to protect themselves from any danger that might occur while in the combat fields or while they are off-duty. Danger is already a known factor when you become like them, and thus protection is really needed. Military body armor for sale and ballistic vests provide protection that they really need in their everyday lives and their day to day work. The demand for these protective gears have been increasing lately that is why prices are also increasing because even the ordinary men, civilians are already buying these protective gears for themselves. In consequence to this, some are resorting to buying used military body armor. But how safe are these?
Wear and tear factor is always present when buying used military body armor. This can affect the performance and efficiency of the body armor itself to help protect the wearer from projectiles and bullets. Weather conditions are one of the main reasons why these protective gears lose its efficiency over time. Who would want to use this kind of military body armors, right?

 However, since most civilians prefer lower prices body armors, some are already prefer this kind of setup. Some people say that this is already a best buy – purchase of an items with the great combination of price, quality and other benefits needed by the buyer, however, some are also doubtful.

If you are part of those people whose lives are threatened every day, whose jobs require maximum protection, then it is suggested for you to buy brand new protective military body armors and not those already used. It is better to be sure of the efficiency than to be unsure just because we are thinking of the price.

Where to Buy Military Body Armor for Sale?

The technology for these ballistic vests (military body armor for sale) just keeps on getting improved every time. In fact, every year the vests are getting lighter while improving on its ballistics properties – stopping the bullet and knife attack efficiently. And because the quality of these protective gears is improving, so as the demand that even civilians are already buying these military body armors for their protection. For first timers, where can we buy these military body armors? We can actually buy from many stores but it is always good to be sure first and gather positive feedback from a store in order to have a good protective gear.

One place where you can buy these military body armors are spreading over the internet. Yes, you got it right, online shops! Online shops are very convenient to buy since there is really no hassle in ordering items from the internet. With just one click of a mouse, your orders are already processed and you just have to wait at your door step for the delivery of the actual items. Hassle free right? But wait, there is a downside to this. I bet you know what already. How about not seeing the actual items before it is shipped out to you? Yes, some people would not want to not see their actual items before they order it, right? How about the materials and the glitches that may happen while it is being shipped out? You do not want it to happen either to you, right? These and other are the problems of an online shop.

Some manufacturers also have their own warehouse. If you are part of the Army or law enforcement team, I bet you have your own agency over there that manages all your protective gears orders. They will make sure that what you will be wearing is tested and it fits you perfectly. There are so many shops where to buy this military body armor.

NIJ Specifications for Military Body Armor

There is no military body armor for sale that can offer 100% protection in all circumstances, at all times. There is always an exception to that however, there is a certain level of body armor that will help protect the wearer from the majority of pistol rounds and can provide a significantly improved level of safety. The National Institute of Justice has developed standards to help you choose the best armor for your needs.

There are four levels of body armor ratings. Each level can protect the wearer depending on the handgun. According to NIJ, the first step to selecting the right body armor is choosing the appropriate level of protection of the body armor thus we should establish the level of protection that users need based on the realistic weapon threat they face. The body armor has not been known to fail to prevent the penetration of a bullet constituting a threat equal to or less than the protection rating of the armor. However, officers have died from the wounds received from weapons or ammunition exceeding the rated protection of the armor. The weight and bulk of the body armor are generally proportional to the level to the level of ballistic protection it provides therefore, comfort decreases as the protection level increases.  Departments of the officers should strive to select body armor that their officers will wear, consistent with their ballistic protection requirements to ensure the safety of their people. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) strongly recommends the selection of armor that protects against both the street threat and the officer’s handguns.

This is all the details and specifications that are according to National Institute of Justice wherein the standards of all military body armors are documented. This will give the wearer or whoever has plans of buying to have a guide in buying the right body armor for you.

History of Military Body Armor

What is the history of those military body armor for sale? How was it developed? Most people before buying something that are for sale, they think about its history first. Oh well, not most people but some however, there is really a need to know first the history of what we buy. I cannot give you the reason you would wish to have but the sense of history, is I think already enough.

The history of the body armor’s development begins with that of the human race. This is I think clear that ever since man existed, there is already a recorded history of man using various materials just to protect themselves from combats and other situations that may endanger their lives. As civilizations advanced, wooden shields and metallic shield were used until now that the body armor has been formed. This happened when the century of weaponry were firearms and guns. Due to these weapons, there is a need to invent or developed protective gears which can stop the bullets from hitting the wearer.

This came until the bullet proof vests were made. The US military did not place much confidence in bullet proof vests. And the first sets of these vests were not used by the military. Union soldiers in the Civil War bought bulletproof vests from peddlers who traveled around Army camps in Northern Virginia. As the story has been told, this went on until the US set standards and testing on the military body armor to be used by their soldiers, as well.

Currently, there are so many types of vests from bullet proof to stab proof vests and there are more developments to follow. The good news is that tests are becoming more efficient for these protective gears ensuring that these protect the wearer, at least, from the combat’s dangers. This is the history of those military armors for sale.

Testing Military Body Armor

This military body armor for sale that is for sale is made to form a synthetic fiber that would stop a projectile or a bullet from hitting your body. But how are we assured that these protective gears that we are using are really offering the best and maximum protection and of course, not to mention the comfort that it should offer to the wearer. But how do they test these body armors? is their testing reliable? That, we also have to consider. Take a look at this.

Shoot it. This is the way every type of body armor must pass a set of military ballistics tests before it will be distributed to the soldiers. The exact requirements for passing these tests – how strong the armor should be and in what conditions – are classified. However, one thing is for sure, the testers started it by measuring, weighing and photographing the armor vests. Then, they took a series of X-rays. After that, different series of gunshots are subjected to the body armors, at different angles and various weapons.

Two phases happen in the shooting part of the test. One is the penetration and backface signature phase wherein the tester set the vest against a clay tablet and fire six rounds at specified locations, most importantly at the heart and on the other sides.
The second phase is measuring the armor’s ballistic limit known as V50 – the velocity at which a bullet will penetrate the armor 50 percent of the time. The tester shoots the vest 12 times, adjusting the bullet’s velocity each time depending on whether the last one penetrated. Aside from that phases, testers also simulate different environmental conditions. For example, shooting the vest after spraying it with water.

But who do these tests? Many armor manufacturers have these two testing facilities as their testers, H.P White and US Test Laboratory.

Military Body Armor for Sale: Types

Military body armor for sale now in both online and offline shops are already widespread both for the military and for civilians. These body armors is a piece of work that are designed to stop projectiles. Modern body armors are also known as bulletproof vests. They are used by the police, the Army and those civilians in which their jobs give danger to their lives. We have to know that no body armor currently available can stop all bullets. Each type has a specific protection factor for some bullets.

The development of the design and the materials as time passed by made this body armor more and more efficient. Take a look at these different types of body armor.

Two big groups of body armors can be established, the set used by the law enforcement officers such as the police and the set used by the Army or other high risk groups.

For those who belong to the law enforcement group, the USA standards have seven types. Types I, IIA, II and IIIA protect against handgun threats. Types III and IV also protect against high powered rifle rounds. Type II is the one that most officers choose.
Now, body armors for high risk groups are, at the moment, not soft armors. The research in materials allows them to be highly protective and not as heavy as they used to be.

  1. Interceptor body armor: this is made up of a Kevlar vest and small-arms protective plates (removable throat and groin protectors, as well as front and back removable plates). This body armor stop 7.62 mm rounds and weighs 16.4 pounds.
  2. Personnel Armor System: This is made up of a thick fiber of Kevlar with separated sections for bitter fit.
  3. Dragon Skin Body Armor: This body armor is used by the Secret Service and other groups in high risk but it was not accepted by the Army after preliminary investigations. These are the types of military body armor that are for sale in the market today.

Materials Used for Military Body Armor

When buying military body armor for sale, it is best to know first of the materials being used. And much better if you are already familiar with the materials so that you could find the right body armor that provides maximum protection and best comfort fit.

Several manufacturers have also been involved in developing and refining materials used in body armor. Here is the list of these materials being used for military body armor. Have a look!

 Dupoint developed protective gears for more than 25 years already. The Kevlar which was first developed in 1965 was the very first material identified for use in the modern generation of concealable body armor. This Kevlar is a manmade organic fiber with combination of properties allowing for high strength and low weight. Kevlar is also a flame resistant; does not melt, soften or flow. That is why this is a good material for body armors.

Spectra fiber which was manufactured by AlliedSignal is an ultra-high-strength polyethylene fiber. After series of operations, the resulting product is a nonwoven fabric that is incredibly strong, lightweight and has excellent ballistic protection capabilities.
Twaron is also another material that was developed by Akzo Nobel. This fiber uses 1000 or more finely spun single filaments that act as an energy sponge, absorbing a bullet’s impact and quickly dissipating its energy through engaged and adjacent fibers. This is a good material since TWARON, according to its manufacturer produces and reduces the overall weight of the finished product, thus making the vests more comfortable.

Another material being used today is Dyneema which was originated in Netherlands. It is light enough that it can float on water. Added to its characteristics is the high energy absorption characteristic.

It is really up to you what the right body armor is for you. But nevertheless, it is good to know that you already have information regarding the materials being used by these military body armors that are for sale.

How Does Military Body Armor Offer Protection?

Wearing personal body armor started ages ago up until now. Throughout history, we have heard of gladiators in Greece and Rome wearing those metallic protective gears in combats against animals, warriors in battles who protected themselves with different forms of body armors. In this current modern technology, these protective gears are mostly worn by Military. So how does this military body armor for sale offer protection not only to them but for the civilians as well who wear this?
When a bullet strikes a body armor, it is caught in a web of high performance fibers that are layered in such a way that it exceeds certain bullet resistant specifications. Take a look at the picture to see how the fiber works. The fibers absorb and disperse the impact energy that is transmitted to the vest from the bullet, causing the bullet to deform and distort. Look at the picture for the deformed bullet.  As the energy of the bullet is absorbed by one layer, it becomes lesser until such time that the bullet is stopped. The fibers work together in both the individual layer and with other layers of materials of material in the vest, a large area of the garment is involved in preventing the bullet to hit you.

The damage to tissue caused by this is called blunt trauma. Minimizing blunt trauma help saves lives, since it not only reduces the internal injury but prevents temporary incapacitation during the initial hit, allowing the wearer to respond immediately.

According to one survey conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the risk of fatal injuries of officers who do not wear body armor is 14 times greater than those who wear it. The military body armor is a good way to protect yourself. The army is doing its best to develop more efficient fibers.

Tips for Choosing Military Body Armor

 Military body armor for sale is already being bought and purchased by civilians contrary to the belief that these protective gears should only be worn by soldiers and law enforcement officers. Other people might think that this is “just for fun” trip but people everywhere are looking for these armors to keep them safe in this unpredictable world.

So what will you do to have the best buy for military body armor for sale? Best buy means that you purchase something that offers a very good deal of an items in terms of price, quality and other benefits that would meet the buyer’s needs. Here are the key tips to buying the best body armor.

1.       Highest level of protection – all body armors can give you protection because this is why they are made. But always choose the body armor which can offer you the best level of protection especially when your job or works involves danger and threat. Choose the body armor which is made of Kevlar, Twaron, etc because these provide you the ballistic properties that is needed most for protective gears. In this regards, look for the body armor that covers a wider body surface. In dangerous combats, make sure that the upper part of your body is well covered.
2.       Comfort – there is always a tradeoff between comfort and protection when we talk about body armors. It is hard for someone to choose a body armor but tips are choose body armors that fits your size and measurements. In that way, discomfort is not an issue. Also, try to look for adjustable straps so you can easily adjust the straps if you feel slight discomfort.
3.       Always check that these protective gears are NIJ compliant. NIJ complaint meaning that these manufacturers meet the US standards of the right body armor.

Military Body Armor for Sale: FAQ

When we see online shops selling military body armor for sale, what comes into our mind? For civilians and first timers, you may ask, what is this body armor all about? For those already parts of the army and military, they might think what is the best shop to buy military body armor among the shops already in the internet. Let us read to find out.  

Military body armor is defined as armor designed for military and tactical law enforcement personnel that demand the highest level of protection.  These helps absorb the impact from firearm-fired projectiles and shrapnel from explosions, and is worn on the torso. Soft vests are made from many layers of woven or laminated fibers and can be capable of protecting the wearer from small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles, and small fragments from explosives such as hand grenades. Modern body armor may combine a ballistic vest with other items of protective clothing, such as a combat helmet. Vests intended for police and military use may also include ballistic shoulder and side protection armor components, and bomb disposal officers wear heavy armor and helmets with face visors and spine protection.

These military body armors are available in a selection of colors. How about the shapes? They are basically all the same, from brand to brand. Take a look at this picture posted. This is a military body armor. And although these body armors look similar, these vests all come with a different, specific purpose. The types of this body armor are flotation vests, impact resistant, stab resistant and even ballistic vests. There are more.
The body armor comes graded according to effectiveness. The lowest is I and the highest is IV. At least a II is recommended for military purposes, but a III or a IIIa is better.