Monday, December 19, 2011

Materials Used for Military Body Armor

When buying military body armor for sale, it is best to know first of the materials being used. And much better if you are already familiar with the materials so that you could find the right body armor that provides maximum protection and best comfort fit.

Several manufacturers have also been involved in developing and refining materials used in body armor. Here is the list of these materials being used for military body armor. Have a look!

 Dupoint developed protective gears for more than 25 years already. The Kevlar which was first developed in 1965 was the very first material identified for use in the modern generation of concealable body armor. This Kevlar is a manmade organic fiber with combination of properties allowing for high strength and low weight. Kevlar is also a flame resistant; does not melt, soften or flow. That is why this is a good material for body armors.

Spectra fiber which was manufactured by AlliedSignal is an ultra-high-strength polyethylene fiber. After series of operations, the resulting product is a nonwoven fabric that is incredibly strong, lightweight and has excellent ballistic protection capabilities.
Twaron is also another material that was developed by Akzo Nobel. This fiber uses 1000 or more finely spun single filaments that act as an energy sponge, absorbing a bullet’s impact and quickly dissipating its energy through engaged and adjacent fibers. This is a good material since TWARON, according to its manufacturer produces and reduces the overall weight of the finished product, thus making the vests more comfortable.

Another material being used today is Dyneema which was originated in Netherlands. It is light enough that it can float on water. Added to its characteristics is the high energy absorption characteristic.

It is really up to you what the right body armor is for you. But nevertheless, it is good to know that you already have information regarding the materials being used by these military body armors that are for sale.

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