Monday, December 19, 2011

History of Military Body Armor

What is the history of those military body armor for sale? How was it developed? Most people before buying something that are for sale, they think about its history first. Oh well, not most people but some however, there is really a need to know first the history of what we buy. I cannot give you the reason you would wish to have but the sense of history, is I think already enough.

The history of the body armor’s development begins with that of the human race. This is I think clear that ever since man existed, there is already a recorded history of man using various materials just to protect themselves from combats and other situations that may endanger their lives. As civilizations advanced, wooden shields and metallic shield were used until now that the body armor has been formed. This happened when the century of weaponry were firearms and guns. Due to these weapons, there is a need to invent or developed protective gears which can stop the bullets from hitting the wearer.

This came until the bullet proof vests were made. The US military did not place much confidence in bullet proof vests. And the first sets of these vests were not used by the military. Union soldiers in the Civil War bought bulletproof vests from peddlers who traveled around Army camps in Northern Virginia. As the story has been told, this went on until the US set standards and testing on the military body armor to be used by their soldiers, as well.

Currently, there are so many types of vests from bullet proof to stab proof vests and there are more developments to follow. The good news is that tests are becoming more efficient for these protective gears ensuring that these protect the wearer, at least, from the combat’s dangers. This is the history of those military armors for sale.

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