Monday, December 19, 2011

Military Body Armor for Sale: Types

Military body armor for sale now in both online and offline shops are already widespread both for the military and for civilians. These body armors is a piece of work that are designed to stop projectiles. Modern body armors are also known as bulletproof vests. They are used by the police, the Army and those civilians in which their jobs give danger to their lives. We have to know that no body armor currently available can stop all bullets. Each type has a specific protection factor for some bullets.

The development of the design and the materials as time passed by made this body armor more and more efficient. Take a look at these different types of body armor.

Two big groups of body armors can be established, the set used by the law enforcement officers such as the police and the set used by the Army or other high risk groups.

For those who belong to the law enforcement group, the USA standards have seven types. Types I, IIA, II and IIIA protect against handgun threats. Types III and IV also protect against high powered rifle rounds. Type II is the one that most officers choose.
Now, body armors for high risk groups are, at the moment, not soft armors. The research in materials allows them to be highly protective and not as heavy as they used to be.

  1. Interceptor body armor: this is made up of a Kevlar vest and small-arms protective plates (removable throat and groin protectors, as well as front and back removable plates). This body armor stop 7.62 mm rounds and weighs 16.4 pounds.
  2. Personnel Armor System: This is made up of a thick fiber of Kevlar with separated sections for bitter fit.
  3. Dragon Skin Body Armor: This body armor is used by the Secret Service and other groups in high risk but it was not accepted by the Army after preliminary investigations. These are the types of military body armor that are for sale in the market today.

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