Monday, December 19, 2011

Military Body Armor for Sale: FAQ

When we see online shops selling military body armor for sale, what comes into our mind? For civilians and first timers, you may ask, what is this body armor all about? For those already parts of the army and military, they might think what is the best shop to buy military body armor among the shops already in the internet. Let us read to find out.  

Military body armor is defined as armor designed for military and tactical law enforcement personnel that demand the highest level of protection.  These helps absorb the impact from firearm-fired projectiles and shrapnel from explosions, and is worn on the torso. Soft vests are made from many layers of woven or laminated fibers and can be capable of protecting the wearer from small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles, and small fragments from explosives such as hand grenades. Modern body armor may combine a ballistic vest with other items of protective clothing, such as a combat helmet. Vests intended for police and military use may also include ballistic shoulder and side protection armor components, and bomb disposal officers wear heavy armor and helmets with face visors and spine protection.

These military body armors are available in a selection of colors. How about the shapes? They are basically all the same, from brand to brand. Take a look at this picture posted. This is a military body armor. And although these body armors look similar, these vests all come with a different, specific purpose. The types of this body armor are flotation vests, impact resistant, stab resistant and even ballistic vests. There are more.
The body armor comes graded according to effectiveness. The lowest is I and the highest is IV. At least a II is recommended for military purposes, but a III or a IIIa is better.

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