Monday, December 19, 2011

Tips for Choosing Military Body Armor

 Military body armor for sale is already being bought and purchased by civilians contrary to the belief that these protective gears should only be worn by soldiers and law enforcement officers. Other people might think that this is “just for fun” trip but people everywhere are looking for these armors to keep them safe in this unpredictable world.

So what will you do to have the best buy for military body armor for sale? Best buy means that you purchase something that offers a very good deal of an items in terms of price, quality and other benefits that would meet the buyer’s needs. Here are the key tips to buying the best body armor.

1.       Highest level of protection – all body armors can give you protection because this is why they are made. But always choose the body armor which can offer you the best level of protection especially when your job or works involves danger and threat. Choose the body armor which is made of Kevlar, Twaron, etc because these provide you the ballistic properties that is needed most for protective gears. In this regards, look for the body armor that covers a wider body surface. In dangerous combats, make sure that the upper part of your body is well covered.
2.       Comfort – there is always a tradeoff between comfort and protection when we talk about body armors. It is hard for someone to choose a body armor but tips are choose body armors that fits your size and measurements. In that way, discomfort is not an issue. Also, try to look for adjustable straps so you can easily adjust the straps if you feel slight discomfort.
3.       Always check that these protective gears are NIJ compliant. NIJ complaint meaning that these manufacturers meet the US standards of the right body armor.

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